In 2018, we partnered with The Warehouse, an innovative teen center that utilizes a “for teens by teens” approach to serving Wilmington youth. Since then, the Executive Teen Council has participated as an SIA team, attending conferences, participating in PSPD, and earning gold and silver banners.

In late 2020, we began working with the teens and young adults participating in the Warehouse’s 26-week RISE program for teens and out-of-school adults ages 14-24. We work with the RISE participants in weeks 7 and 8 to develop, implement, and reflect on acommunity service project to build their leadership and career skills. The RISE participants can use this volunteer experience when writing their resumes and participating in mock interviews to secure internships and employment.

In March 2022, we worked with our fourth cohort ofyoung people who chose to make bags with hygiene and personal care products for the womenstaying at a nearby transitional housing facility.