At Multiplying Good in Delaware, we are reflecting on all our current blessings. Our programming wouldn’t be possible without the Power of People, like a ripple of good all across our state, that believes in and supports our mission. Thank you to all that make it possible, our Champions, Media Partners, Sponsors, Donors, Local Board, Community Partners, and Friends. And especially our good friends and partners at DISCOVER. They believe that Delaware youth are our future, and we need to invest in their success now.



“I am thankful for the many ways that we, at Discover Bank, and our community have been able to come together in 2020 and help others. Service through volunteerism is a value that Discover Bank shares with Multiplying Good, and one that we focus our energy and resources on whenever possible. Discover Bank is proud to also support the Students in Action program and help high school students to coordinate, fundraise, and lead volunteer activities in their communities. With the guidance of the wonderful and committed staff at Multiplying Good, we really are making a difference and effecting positive change for our youth that will have a lasting impact for our broader communities now and in the future." - Amy Walls