Dr. Patricia Curtin is a shining example of a servant leader. Dr. Curtin has a passion for the health and care of the elderly. As a volunteer for the Notre Dame Haiti Program, she has traveled to Haiti 10 times and has lead and organized medical mission teams in providing care to families in clinics and children in orphanages. Caring for more than 100 patients per day, she set up clinics where patients were screened for diabetes and hypertension, treated for malaria and other diseases, and were given hope for a brighter future. Dr. Curtin is blessed to have an opportunity to serve those in need. The Haitian people are warm and grateful and their faces will stay with her forever.Nicole

McCarry, RN PA is a Christiana Care Health System nurse with a passion for helping people in less wealthy nations who require medical assistance often after natural disasters. Nicole began working with Hands International in 2014 when she and her daughter went on a 10-day medical mission to Antigua. Soon after, they were offered an opportunity to serve on a medical team in India. Nicole is now on the Hands International board and works directly with nurses by organizing missions and reviewing processes. In addition to her work on the board, Nicole continue to participate in missions herself, most recently to Trinidad and Domenica.

Darrin Johnson's passion for making a difference in the lives of the economically disadvantaged has deep roots. Darrin's passion extends beyond his professional life with UnitedHealthcare; he serves on the Board of Directors for the Salvation Army, the National Association of Health Services Executives, and MenzFit. In addition, he has developed a Welfare to Work program designed to provide permanent employment to 35 individuals. Darrin is also a youth mentor and partner to over 130 at-risk youth with One Village's Raising Kings program.