At Multiplying Good in Delaware this holiday season is all about gratitude. Gratitude for our community partners, our schools and youth-serving organizations, our Recognition Champions, Media Partners, Corporate Champions, Youth Champions, local Advisory Board, and individual donors. All of them believe in and are committed to our mission to fuel personal growth and leadership through service to others. Each of them leaned in as we together navigated a new normal this past year. We could not make the impact in Delaware that we do, especially this year, without all of our loyal and devoted partners. With gratitude, we say thank you to New Castle County Government and County Executive Matt Meyer for joining our Ripple4Good!



“This year more than any other we have realized how much we depend on those champions in our community who make sure health and housing and food is available to all. Each and every year, Multiplying Good is truly a force multiplier, leveraging a network of volunteers and community servants who keep our community vibrant. This year, in crisis, those Multiplying Good networks saved lives like never before. We in the First County in the First State are honored to be a Delaware Recognition Champion and have gratitude for Multiplying Good and Michele Fidance and her team. Because of your tireless work, we are reminded that we are so much stronger together.” - Matt Meyer