At Newark Charter their SIA team is comprised of 40 students and 6 officers. This school year they worked to make an impact on child poverty by hosting food drives and winter clothing drives. Their main project was a book drive to donate to the Stubbs Early Education Center in the City of Wilmington. They chose Stubbs due to their lack of literary resources after district-wide consolidation. The goal was to collect and donate 200 books by winter break in a school-wide collection drive, but they quickly fell short. They modified the project to include businesses in their area and began an aggressive outreach. During this process, they learned how important teamwork and collaboration were as they encouraged each other and found new ways to make the project more successful and to get to their goal. By the start of the new year, they collected over 350 books for the Stubbs library, classrooms, and their Dual Generation Center. This project not only impacted Stubbs students and families but also community members that attend the dual generation center for further enrichment.