Sisters Zaria and Hailey Willard love to read and are using their voices to encourage children to read more by reading live at 8PM using their social media sites, Facebook, and Instagram. Before they go live the sisters go to the Dover Library and pick out books- some they have read and some they haven’t. They pick books with characters that look like them because a lot of kids don’t see characters that look like them. Before going on vacations, they have even made videos in advance and then post them since their followers look forward to seeing them each night. Their Mom did not want them using or being on social media, but she agreed to be on it in a positive way would help light the world. They say the feedback on their little project has been great. The sisters plan to host read-aloud sessions at the Dover Library and are in the process of writing a children’s book series. Ultimately, they hope that their efforts will encourage children to read more and help raise the reading statistics in Delaware.